Affiliated To : Board of Technical Education,Lucknow,U.P

Approved By: A.I.C.T.E ( All India Council for Technical Education), New Delhi
College Code - 4439
U P Joint Entrance Examination (UPJEE(P)-2020)
Pre-Admission Registration-2020


AIT Library

AIT Central Library supports the teaching & learning programmes of the Institutes Faculties and Students. All students, faculty members and employees of the Institute are entitled to make use of the Library facilities on taking library membership. The Library has a well-stocked fully computerized library with latest editions of books by eminent authors & is having a huge collection of books on Engineering, General education, Technology, computer science, engineering, science and humanities to cater to the needs and requirements of the faculty as well as students.
Library has also a Separate Wing for scholars where they can refer to reference material and rare collections of reputed for their research work on community.

The Library has been divided into different sections for its smooth functioning:

Issue and return of books is handled with the help of computers. Students & Faculty can get themselves enrolled as member of the Library.

The Library subscribes to Printed (National & International) as well as Online Journals, magazines and newspapers. Library users can find the required Journals with the help of list of Journals pasted on racks. Please note that these Journals are not for issue.

It allows users to access to books, bay list guides library users to search for his/her required book. Please note that reference books are not for issue.

The Library users can access to old newspaper within the central library.

The Library users can keep their belonging at the property counter at main gate of central library.

The Library users can access to computers for accessing subscribed E-Resources within the central library.

The Library users can avail reprographic/photocopy facility within Library and institutes premises.

Students (Book Bank was initiated during 2009-2010 ) can avail Book Bank facility. All the students joining the institute are being given a set of text books every year. This has come as a boon to the students who do not have to buy costly books for their academic preparations.

Meet your Library Staff

S.No. Name Designation Educational Details Institute E-mail Picture
1 Ms. .. Librarian,
Extn # 113
M.Com, M.L.I.Sc, PGDLAN, UGC-NET Ambition Institute of Technology
2 Ms. .. Assistant Librarian,

Extn # 142

M.Sc, M.Lib Ambition Institute of Technology

Library Rules

1.No member (Student & Employees) will be permitted to enter the library without wearing the college Identity Card.
Note: For loss of ID cards library users have to pay Rs 100 /- to account section. Then the receipt issued from accounts section, FIR copy & filled ID card membership form shall be submitted to library AIT Library Office for making new ID card. In case Lanyard with holder is also lost by the student he shall deposit Rs. 25 in accounts section & submit the receipt to office for getting new lanyard with holder.
2. Readers should observe strict silence and switch off their mobile phones etc in the library premises.
3. Library membership ID cards are non-transferable.
4. Books are normally issued for a period of 15 days and renewal of books will not be allowed. Identity card should be produced at the time of borrowing and returning of books in the library, otherwise books will not be issued.
5. Reference books and periodicals are not for issue.
6. Borrowers must satisfy themselves with the physical condition of books before borrowing.
7. Members are responsible for books issued against their membership number.
8. Issued books returned after due date will result to overdue / fine charges i.e Rs 5/- per book per day.
9. Readers are not allowed to bring personal books or any printed material and other personal belongings like bags, umbrellas, etc. inside the library. These materials are to be kept at the property counter at their own risk. Readers are advised not to leave their precious and valuable items like money, passport, credit card etc. at the property counter.
10. Readers are requested not to leave Journals & magazines on the reading table after use and will keep them back on the racks.
11. Library is having right to recall any issued book even before the due date.
12. If any student found stealing or tearing any library document, he / she will be debarred from using library facilities as decided by librarian.
13. Circulation timing is from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM on all working days of the Institute except half an hour lunch break from 1 to 1:30 PM.
14. For more information, please check AIT Library’s website: http://aitcentrallibrary.coml
1. In case of any difficulty in the use of library resources, always contact the library staff, librarian or members of library committee.
2. Students are advised to regularly scan the library notice boards for important information about the library, study, scholarships etc.
3. Any infringement of the library rules may lead to the withdrawal of library membership, fine or both.
AIT Central Library
Library Rules (Book Bank – AIT)

  1. Students will be provided one text book per subject, semester Wise.
  2. Books will be issued only if the student produces the Institute Identity Card (1st , 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th Semester students).
  3. Books will be issued only if the students have submitted the College Fee. Students have to produce original fee receipt to get the books issued from Book-Bank (For 1st Year Students -> Students have to fill Book-Bank Membership form and has to get the fee receipt verify from librarian & then submit the photocopy of it along with photocopy of IP BTE Enrollment Slip to Book-Bank In charge).
  4. Students must examine each book before borrowing and immediately report any damaged/missing page to the Book Bank In-charge.
  5. Books are to be returned in good condition. Students should not write, mark, disfigure/damage books otherwise they have to bear the cost of the book along with the binding cost.
  6. Students will deposit all issued books within five day after exam (Schedule will be also given to students before final exam). Defaulters will be required to deposit fine of Rs 5 per book per day. Fine will not be exempted.
  7. Strict Silence should be maintained in the Book Bank.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are authorized to use the AIT Central Library? 
    A. All students, faculty members and staff of the Institute are authorized to use the Library.
    Q. Can printed journals be issued to a Library member? 
    A. No, current journals are not issued to any category of library user. Back volumes can be issued for specific period.
  2. How can I recommend a book or journal for purchase in the Library?
    A. An authorized user can recommend a book or journal for purchase by filling-in a “Book or journal recommendation Form” that can be downloaded from website of Central library. The form should then be routed through your Head of the Department for his / her recommendation.
  3. Can I bring my personal books or other reading materials to the Library?
    No Users are not allowed to bring their personal books or other reading materials to the Library.
  4. Is it possible to use the library card of my friend on his behalf?
    No person is eligible to borrow book from the library on someone behalf. On special conditions with the permission of Librarian and a letter from the library card owner, Others ar e eligible to borrow books
  5. Are visitors allowed to visit the Library?
    Visitors are allowed to just see the library provided they get permission from the In-charge. They can just view & refer the books but borrowing is not allowed.
  6. What should I do if the book I borrowed got lost?
    If the borrowed book is lost then immediately you should give a letter to the Librarian stating the cause. If the book is available then you should replace the same otherwise you have to pay for the same.
  7. Whom to contact for Queries regarding finding Books and Journals?
    Users can search the collection of books or journals via WebOPAC/OPAC at Central library for queries regarding finding a book or a journal. In case, if you are not able to locate the book, please contact the library for the same.
  8. Which books can be issued to the members?
    A. Not all the books are issued to members. Books that are inscribed REFERENCE are not allowed to be borrowed except weekend. These books are meant for reference i.e. to be read in the library only and are not allowed to be carried outside.
  9. How do I borrow a book or a journal?
    1.You should take the book you wish to borrow, together with your library card, to the Circulation Desk.
  10. The book will be issued to you and the date it is due for return will be stamped on the date slip inside.

There is a limit to the number of books you can borrow at any one time and that depend on whether you are a student or a staff. Books that are reserved are not permitted to be borrowed.

  1. How do I find a particular book or a journal in the Library?
    Library catalogue is one thing used to find a book or a journal manually. Since its a tedious process, we are using OPAC (online access to library books and journals). Here user can search for any book on a particular subject or of a particular author.

To know how to use OPAC take help from library staff. Searching in OPAC is possible either title wise, author wise or keyword.

  1. How do I renew a book and for how many times can i renew the same book?
    We issue books for 15 days. Students cannot get the renewal of books but students can again get the book next day if it’s available on shelf.
  2. What is the fine I have to pay, if I would not return book within the date?
    Users, if they don’t return books in time should pay fine to library and no consideration shall be made. The details of the fine is as follows

No. of days after due date Fine to be paid

  • For Central library Books – After 15 days 1 Rs per book per day on text books and Rs 5 per book per day on Reference book.
  • For Book Bank Books – 5 Rs per book per day
  1. Can I get library materials Photocopied?
    Xerographic facilities are available within the institute. You must comply with the copyright law…Please remember that Photocopying a complete document is violation of copyright act.