Affiliated To : Board of Technical Education,Lucknow,U.P

Approved By: A.I.C.T.E ( All India Council for Technical Education), New Delhi

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Hi-Tech Practical Labs

At Ambition Institute of Technology, education & environment is aimed to develop innovative solutions to technology’s most daunting challenges. from addressing the energy needs of tomorrow to improving construction requirements , Ambition Institute of Technology provides industry insight which is enhanced through industrious pool of faculties and a cutting – edge practical programme which is provided through the laboratories and workshops of the institute .

Institute’s Chemistry Lab is one of the best of its kind. It provides basic understanding of properties, composition, behavior and structure of matter. It features stations for Titration, Oven and Hot plate for study of temperature, electronic and chemical Balance to weigh chemicals for making solutions.

  • Heat Transfer Lab,      Mass Transfer Lab,
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab, Chemical Technology Lab,
  • Fertilizer Technology, Lab, Mechanical Operation and Solid Handling Lab

A separate physics lab is incorporated in the world class infrastructure of Ambition Institute of Technology to introduce students with nuances of physics . This lab is equipped with meter bridge experiment kit , Optical Bench, Telescope, Resonance measuring apparatus, Apparatus to measure, spring constant and all other required instruments.

  • A Lab, C/C++ Lab,
  • T Lab VB/ Lab,
  • Unix/Linux Lab, Data Structure Lab,
  • Java Lab Hardware Lab,
  • DBMS Lab Web Tech Lab,
  • Computer Graphics Lab Software Project Management Lab
  • Networking Lab

Civil Engineering lab of the Institute is design to provide the required edge to the students to grasp the knowledge of design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like bridgesroadscanalsdams, and buildings. Lab at Ambition Institute of Technology is equipped with Spring Testing Apparatus, thickness gauge, density basket, metal measures and vibration monitoring equipment etc.

  • Civil Lab – I, II, III Surveying Lab (with total station)
  • Transportation Lab with CBR Testing
  • Soil Mechanics with Direct Shear Testing M/C
  • H.E Lab Hydraulics Lab,
  • Strength of Material Lab(SOM)

Electrical Engineering lab is created with the idea of giving specific exposure to the students who opted for the same. Lab provides adequate knowledge of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to the students. Lab is equipped with Electrical Quantity Measuring Equipments, Magnetism and induction measuring trainer kit, Auto transformer kit and other instruments requires as per the syllabus.

  • Electrical Engineering Lab I,II, Basic Electrical Engineering Lab,
  • Electrical Machine Lab – I,II, I.M Lab,
  • T.E Lab I. M. R. E Lab,
  • E.C Lab E.D.D.E Lab

Electronic Engineering Lab is designed to give in-depth practical knowledge of non-linear and active electrical components such as electron tubes and semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits. Utmost care is taken on the intricate details. This lab features Cathode Ray Oscilloscope; Function Generator for generating O Hz to 100 Hz signal, different IS transistors and capacitors for familiarization

  • Electronics Lab – I,II Electronics Workshop,
  • Microprocessor Lab, F.T.L Lab,
  • E Lab, Communication Engineering Lab,
  • I.M Lab, I.E.T Lab,
  • ECD EDC Lab,
  • FED Lab Audio & Video Engineering Lab,
  • Optical Fiber Communication Lab, Equipment Testing Design Lab,
  • Principal of Digital Electronics Engineering Lab

Ambition Institute of Technology has an exclusive Applied Mechanics Lab to work and research on the concepts of Applied Mechanics. Lab provides the support to examine the response of bodies or system of bodies to external forces.  Lab has state-of-the-art equipment like Simple wheel & axle, complex wheel & axle, different pulley block, warm wheel, screw jack and various systems of pulleys

  • Mechanics Lab, EME Lab,
  • MOS Lab, (with UTM & CNC Trainer) Thermal Lab,
  • Machine Shop (P.T Lab),
  • Hydraulics Lab, Metrology Lab,
  • Auto Engine Lab, Auto Shop,
  • MP Workshop, Mechanical Workshop
  • Textile Lab
  • Stitching Lab
  • Pattern Lab
  • CADD Lab- I,II
  • Leather Testing Lab
  • Designing Lab